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From Hairstylist to Web-stylist

When I was in college I worked part time as a barber. I went to Iona College in New Rochelle New York to study finance but I fell in love with the artistry involved in Hairstyling and made it my career. Over the course of ten years I developed a clientele which ranged from local customers to latin music artists and Grammy award winning music producers.

In a decision to make a career change I enrolled as a student with an online interactive education platform named Treehouse which offers courses in web, mobile, and business development. My focus on Treehouse has been on UI/UX Design, Front-End Web Development, Full-Stack JavaScript, PHP Development, and Business skills. I've also completed independent coursework and certifications on the subjects of React JS, React Native, Node JS, and development workflow using Gulp JS and Git via and

My skill set includes:

To learn more about my skill ratings on Treehouse, visit my student profile at: